Pretty Petals began after searching for biodegradable confetti for my daughter’s wedding and knowing I didn’t want to use tissue paper shapes like when I got married.


After a bit of searching, I discovered freeze-dried rose petals. I learnt they were used in most films and commercials, so I knew these would be the perfect petals for my confetti.

5 years later, we are still going strong and introducing more petals and accessories to our site, despite Covid-19 taking its toll on the wedding industry.

Anyway not sure which pretty petals will be best for your colour scheme? Ask for a sample of our petals, so you can see our petals in all their beauty before you make your final decision.

I look forward to hearing from you soon,

Gill x

Outdoor aisle covered with rose petals



Today I still get excited about discovering new colours and mixing them with other petals and of course I still want to throw the petals in the air to test their effects.


What I love the most is being able to share these petals with you, for you to experience the joy of throwing them yourself. When you see the amazing photographs and experience the beautiful memories they create, you will understand the true magic of Pretty Petals real petal confetti.

Scoop of rose petals