We always suggest 1 litre to 10 handfuls.



10 guests -  1 litre of petals

100 guests - 10 litres of petals

Confetti Cones

10-12 cones - 1 litre of petals (dependant upon cone size and petal choice)

All our petal quantities are measured by using a litre jug.

Tip: Not all guests throw confetti so consider this when calculating the quantity.

Have you seen our new Confetti Boxes?  Each box contains a generous handful of petals, great to give your guests ready for that iconic confetti shower.

Ivory rosepetals and green hydrangea petals
Tables dressed for wedding reception



Most venues provide round tables to seat 8-10 guests so if you would like to decorate your tables we would suggest:


1 litre of small petals or

2 litres of large petals

Tip: Why not scatter petals around your table centrepiece.



Are you looking to decorate the edge of your aisle? We suggest the following:


Moderate covering:  1 litre per 1 metre

Light covering: ½ litre per 1 metre


For example: To moderately cover a pathway of 5 metres in length, the total pathway edges would be 10 metres because the petals would be sprinkled on both edges of the pathway, therefore 10 litres of petals would be needed.




A light sprinkling along both edges would need 5 litres of petals.

Ivory rosepetals scattered on grass